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nstHr is a reputed, young recruitment firm which is known for its timely and cost effective recruitment solutions. We provide many services and are always ready to help our clients. One of our services is third party payroll service. Third party payroll service is defined as the process where the organization’s workers are paid by another external third party payroll service provider. From the beginning to the end each step of payroll processing is covered by an external third party.


  • We calculate salaries according to employee’s per day work
  • After that, we will help in calculating the taxes, gst, and deductions of ppf from gross pay.
  • PFE calculation
  • PTax calculation
  • Print payslip


  • nstHr saves times of his clients- Since this whole process is time consuming, nstHr will help in saving the time of its clients.
  • nstHr helps in leave policies- We will help in calculating and maintaining leave policies of the employees so that our clients can concentrate on their businesses.
  • Our service is budget friendly- This is a cost effective process and we will help in cutting down of our client's company's expenditures which will help in the growth of the company.
  • nstHr complies with the state and federal laws- It is necessary to comply with the state laws during this process. Our expert team will provide you with the best support and will ensure that no mistakes are made.
  • nstHr has a professional and expert employee who does this work with a smooth and error free process- - Since, our clients will share their company's secrets with us, our profession team will ensure that privacy will be maintained throughout.


  • Anvation labs
  • Anvation labs
  • IDFC first bank
  • IDFC first bank
  • Med all
  • Apollo pharmacy
  • And more…