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nstHr is a private ISO certified recruitment company that recruits capable and qualified candidates for various organizations. We are an IT staffing firm that offers every kind of IT related staff for every IT company along with project IT staffs, developers, IT admins and more. IT Staffing is defined as the process of finding the right worker with appropriate or experience and recruiting them to fill a job position or role.


  • We use this process to recruit genuine candidates in order to improve the overall quality and effectiveness of our clients. Our aim is to match employee skills with necessary tasks in the most cost-effective ways. We help deserving candidates and job seekers to find their dream jobs We have clients like Godrej Interio, Legal Salah, RJ Enterprises, SSD etc. The selected candidates recruited by our IT recruitment experts have the required educational degree and can do the technological development tasks as requested by our client. We check our candidates background thoroughly before selecting them.


  • Minimum wages: nstHr demands minimum wages for IT recruiting as compared to other organization's own internal HR. This firm provides expert and talented candidates for IT in return of your valuable money.
  • Manpower availability at all time: nstHr has a huge network of contacts. This firm is available in every social employment portal. nstHr has contacts of expert and skilled applicants. It recruits thousands of IT candidates for their clients daily.
  • We Help clients to concentrate on core areas: When a company cannot focus on their core areas or other internal matters, nstHr helps its clients to concentrate on their personal and internal matters instead of wasting time in recruitment. Not to mention, nstHr planning, organizing, directing processes are unique.
  • nstHr helps in reducing internal hiring costs: When a company's cost per hire is high then it can fall into loss statement inadvertently. Hence, nstHr helps its clients by reducing the internal costs. Hence, we at nstHr aim to provide highly qualified and skilled staff to our clients and provide a world class experience to our clients.


  • Manpower planning: nstHr examines a candidate’s qualitative and quantitative measurement of labour force. So when a candidate proceeds to work in our client’s company, he / she will not fail in the career life.
  • Recruitment: nstHr approaches every candidate who has applied for a job via our website.
  • Selection: selection is a process where falsified candidates will be eliminated. In nstHr, candidates are selected based on their own capabilities after salary negotiations and document verification. Therefore the main aim of this process is to select the right candidate according to our client’s requirements.
  • Training: After selection of a candidate nstHr trained candidates. Which will help candidate to go for his/her job and also an employee will keep in touch about the updates software development
  • Transfer: Transfer means the movement of an employee from one job to another without increment in pay, status or responsibilities. Therefore this process of staffing needs to evaluated on a timely basis in nstHr.