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HR Outsourcing

nstHr is an ISO certified young recruitment service that offers its clients the option of Outsourcing their HR . nstHr aims towards meeting your company's needs in an affordable budget. We provide full recruitment , screening, processing, on boarding, payroll and benefit services for your temporary, permanent or full-time requirements. Wewill consider ourselves as an integral part of your team and will work in partnership with your HR department by supporting the planning of your corporate resource and succession, administrating of employee pay and benefits and regulatory compliance. Human Resources Outsourcing is defined as a contractual agreement between an employer of a organization and an external third-party provider whereby the employer transfers the management of, and responsibility for, certain HR functions to the external provider. We help in strategical planning and utilization of the resources outsourced by the organization.


  • 1.Cost Effective -We ensure that this process is budget friendly. The company’s costs associated with payroll processing and maintaining salaries are reduced. nstHr will also reduce the accounting costs.
  • Dedicated and quality Service -We at nstHr provide dedicated and expert professionals with excellent management skills.
  • 3.Simplification and Standardization -nstHr will minimize the company's paperwork and will keep the client updated about the labour work and wages of the company.
  • We support your full growth and strategy - nstHr will provide experts who will help in accessing better benefits packages at more affordable rate. Workforce turnover will be reduced which will gradually attract qualified and genuine employees. We will monitor your HR department and ensure that it functions smoothly.
  • 5.We allow your management to focus on core business - Important issues of the company such as government compliance, employee benefits and payroll administration will be handled by us. The company can now use all it's energy towards core business functions while nstHr handles the HR department.
  • 6.It helps to reduce legal liabilities -Outsourcing of HR will ensure that the client's company meets all the legal requirements and the process is hassle free.


  • We at NstHr will make sure that all the complicated HR procedures will be handled by us in an effortless and efficient manner. Our clients by partnering with us can concentrate on their businesses by avoiding undue strain on their resources. This will in turn help their companies to grow and flourish. This service is cost effective and hassle free.


We have reputed clients like

  • Domino’s
  • KFC
  • Apollo Pharmacy
  • IDFC first bank
  • Godrej Interio